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Prolonged Snacking

A recent study published in Cell Metabolism September 2015, determined that most of us are eating longer than 15 hours a day. The eating duration of 15 hours is derived from when a person takes their first bite of nutrition or a sip of a beverage in the morning, to the very last bite or drink they have that day.

A Prized Life: A glimpse into the life of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Roger Guillemin

(LA JOLLA) – As part of our project to better understand healthy lifestyles in our society, we will be interviewing a wide variety of people that are living healthy lives. I am honored to have, as our first interviewee, Dr. Roger Guillemin, MD, Ph.D., a Nobel-laureate in endocrinology, artist, husband, father of six, grandfather, and still active 92 years old. In the interview, we talked about his life, his family, and his daily lifestyle (when, what, and how much he eats, sleeps, and moves). In order to understand his lifestyle, first, you’ll need to know more about his life.

Circadian Rhythms and Heart Attacks

We all know it can be stressful to transition from sleep to wake. Some mornings are worse than others. The alarm rings, we turn it off, and experience an overwhelming desire to go back to sleep. That transition from sleep state to wake state is governed by circadian rhythms. The biological clocks in our cells are shifting cellular function from reparative and restorative modes to active operational modes needed to send us out into the world for another day of survival challenges.

Health, Disease, and Biological Clocks

Welcome to my blog on circadian rhythms and their effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health! Hopefully I will be able to shed light (no pun intended!) on how all our body clocks work together to control many of the risk factors that lead to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Biological Clocks: Who, What, Where, How, and Why?

I have studied chronobiology for the past 8 years; in that time, I realized that many people didn’t know what exactly chronobiology is. The same was true if I said I study circadian rhythms, biological rhythms, or body clocks. This blog provides me with an opportunity to give a little more clarity into this fascinating field.

Doctor mom on Nutrition

Being a physician and a mom sometimes feels like a brain splitting experience. A doctor mom has the same worries as any other mother, all the while the doctor brain is constantly rearing its own opinion. Mothers all share similar worries about their child’s safety, education and their nourishment.

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