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A Food Lover’s View on Time-Restricted Feeding

I was introduced to time restricted feeding by a friend, who shared its rich scientific story. As an engineer, I believe in Science and listening to your own body. It’s rare to find one lifestyle change that can work just as effectively for everyone. Everyone is different, and blanket approaches are seldom successful. However, the science made sense, it was logical, and the proven benefits she explained resonated very closely with me; TRF was to become my new goal.

Meet the Mapstons Part 1: Shift Work and Potential Consequences

Cory and Dona Mapston have been living on a shift work schedule for almost 3 decades. Cory is a sergeant in the San Diego Police Department and despite a rotating shift-work schedule, he has managed to optimize his schedule to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most people on a shift work schedule have not cracked this very complicated code of healthy living on an erratic schedule. We interviewed Cory and his wife Dona to discuss what they’ve learned over the past 28 years of living with shift-work.

Clocks in College: How your body clock affects your ability to learn

More and more students find themselves staying up late in order to complete assignments, study for tests, make time for a job, or maintain a social life. In our previous blog, Clocks in College, we discussed the notion that many students experience circadian disruption without realizing the full implication that it has on their health. Most students understand on some level that this fluctuating schedule can have negative effects (they are tired, experience more anxiety, etc) but rarely do students realize that disruption of their circadian rhythm is increasing their risk for many metabolic diseases (see our blog: Biological Clocks). Even more surprising, is that most students have no idea how much their own study schedule could be impacting their ability to learn.

Minding your clock: Interview with long-time user of TRF

When Lynn was in high school, her dad wanted to lose weight. He began cutting out his late night snacks, and Lynn’s mom began cooking dinner earlier in the evening to help with the diet. As a result, Lynn usually had her last meal around 4:30pm each day, and she avoided snacks in the evening with the rest of her family. Without realizing it, Lynn had started a diet of time-restricted feeding (TRF).


Caffeine is one of the most used stimulants in the world with over 80% of adults in the US consuming caffeine daily. Caffeine is most commonly consumed through coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks, but foods such as dark chocolate also have high levels of caffeine. Given the wide spread consumption of caffeine, it is important to understand how it affects our physiology.

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